What the Victorians do for us – part two

The Stop HS2 campaign website recently revisited an interview with the Secretary of State for Transport where she drew on a Victorian heritage of ‘boldness’  to justify the need for a new High Speed Railway. I was considering this in general terms as a kind of design precedent in my last post but the StopHS2 campaign were also thinking about it as an invitation to make technological comparisons between the eighteenth, nineteenth and twenty-first centuries. Continue reading


It’s creeping towards the summer and this is festival time. I’ve only been to one music festival of note and that was Latitude in 2010. I failed to pick up a programme in advance and so spent some time during the weekend without sufficient data to decide which of the many stages to go to. I find if you’re not careful this can lead to smoking too many cigarettes and drinking too much beer while listening to Nick Cave being Grinderman. To avoid that here in HS2 land I’ve been putting together a programme of Hansard activity – I wanted to get a feel for how much debate had taken place about this high speed railway.

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