My research involves the collation and analysis of information generated during the development of major infrastructure projects. This work is currently focussing on the debate around the UK High Speed railway network. How can the overall process of debate and development be considered a ‘design process’? What notions of design, as developed over the last 40 or so years, can be applied to this process? What new perspectives can be generated through doing so? How did the Victorians do it?

In previous lives I studied fine art as an undergraduate specialising in film, performance and interactive art. I worked through the 1990s as an interactive multimedia consultant for higher education and gaming industry clients before migrating to the Channel Island of Jersey. As internet development manager for the local newspaper group I was responsible for the strategic development and early generation of their online publishing endeavours.

My interests in conceptual art, information structures, decision making processes and the mechanics of the media contribute to how my current research is playing out. Selected art work:

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