Who Are We? - Are We Data?

'Are We Data?' (AWED) questions the relationship between place and place-less 'big data'. Using an immersive installation we explore whether digital data can reveal or inform ‘who we are’. AWED presents an encounter between two screens. One screen shows a collage of archival and contemporary footage of a housing estate in Milton Keynes. Netherfield was planned to accommodate an imagined people of the future.

The second screen is a live 'dashboard' of data visualisations or representations of 'you', the audience - your geography, your cultural engagement and presence in this gallery space. Come and interact with us! By answering simple survey questions, tweeting and connecting to Wi-Fi you will become part of the installation. The gathered data will be anonymised and used to explore the changing methods of representing who we are.

Tate Exchange
12.00 to 18.00
22nd to 27th May 2018

Liz McFall
Darren Umney
David Moats
Sapphire Goss
Thomas Blackburn

This AWED installation is part of Who Are We?  - a week of experimental arts production and collective action presented jointly by The Open University and Counterpoints Arts.